Welcome to Asterby and Goulceby Parish Council

Parish Council Meetings

Asterby and Goulceby Parish Council meet four times a year ( March, May, September and December) and aim to provide the parish with support and advice on a range of local schemes, initiatives and issues such as highway matters, grant applications for local improvements and planning developments.

You are welcome to come along to our meetings and at the start of each meeting there is a public forum where villagers may raise issues of concern.

Annual Parish Meeting

There is also an Annual Parish meeting, which is sererate to the Council meetings, held between 1st March and 1st June every year.  

The meeting acts as an annual democratic point of communication enabling the Parish Council to explain what it has been doing over the last year and providing an opportunity for residents to have their say on anything they consider is important  to the people of the Parish.

Upcoming meetings

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Monday 23rd May (2022)

Historic Documents

We are in the process of developing this new website.  If you require documents from previous parish council meetings, or other historic documents contact the clerk on agparishcouncil@gmail.com.