Lincolnshire police team

Quarterly update Feb 2023

A/Insp 1367 Ian Cotton

As we moved into 2023 I am due to review the priorities for Neighbourhood Policing Team on Wolds for the last quarter and set new priorities for the next three months. Across the Wolds we have seen some very positive work from our Neighbourhood Policing Team. I am sure however, that you will really want me to address the news that numbers of PCSO’s within the force will reduce from 91 to 50. I know that this decision has not been made lightly and is a direct consequence of a government funding settlement that was far below what was expected. There are now conversations taking place in respect of how Neighbourhood Policing will change and adapt to these new levels. These are not easy conversations. My priority at this time is helping and supporting those PCSO’s who have been affected by the news. I will make sure that every support possible is in place for them as the process continues. I know our Chief Constable and other stakeholders will continue to fight for a fairer funding deal for Lincolnshire as the current deal leaves us lagging far behind the most similar forces in the country.

Previously we have had the following as our priorities….

Fatal Four – Driving Offences – This a regular area of concern for our team and our residents, and one which will always feature highly on our community’s agenda. To enforce and address driving offences over this last quarter the team has policed known hot spots advising drivers about their standard of driving and handing out tickets and formal prosecutions where necessary – hundreds of vehicles have been checked throughout Wolds in this time, with further support from Road Traffic Units in specific locations. Over 40 Traffic Offence Reports have been issued. We continue to educate drivers and enforce the law through these measures where necessary.                                                                                                                            

ASB – As an NPT, ASB continues to be our core business. We identify offending persons/problem households and create cases to manage these individuals with the support of our partner agencies to solve these problems and through either prosecutions or other support/education to change behaviour and situations that are a cause of this. Over this last quarter the team have handed out several Unacceptable Behaviour Warning Letters which intervene at an early stage and change behaviour. We have completed arrests and prosecutions, secured a Community Behaviour Order against a prolific shoplifter and worked with other agencies to move ASB offending individuals to other locations. The teams have worked hard to resolve several ongoing cases and make life easier for those members of the community impacted by this behaviour.

Drugs Offences – we have been educating young people about the dangers of drugs by attending at some local secondary schools. Our Neighbourhood Tasking Team has helped us secure warrants and action them. The team continue to work with licensed premises within the area to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities under the Licensing Act.

Rural Thefts -  We continue to spread the word about prevention. One of the best examples of this was a Rural Crime Action day organised by our South Wolds Team. The National Farmers Union, the Rural Crime Action Team and other stakeholders joined together to highlight rural crime issues. We highlighted the use of tracking devices and other anti-theft methods such as Smart water.

We are also awaiting the introduction into law of the Equipment Theft (Prevention) Bill. The Bill would introduce new measures to help prevent the theft and illicit re-sale of agricultural and farming equipment.

If it becomes law, the legislation would see all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and other agricultural machinery fitted with forensic marking and immobilisers to help tackle rural crime


Superintendent Andy Huddleston, national policing lead for theft of construction and agricultural machinery has played a key role in the Equipment Theft (Prevention) Bill, which is currently passing through Parliament. The Bill would introduce new measures to help prevent the theft and illicit re-sale of agricultural and farming equipment.


Published: Monday, 6th March 2023